DAIHATSU Diesel Engine Model PS-26

DAIHATSU Diesel Engine Model PS-26

DAIHATSU Diesel Engine Model PS-26. Operating and Mantenance Manual. Osaka, Japan. - 64 p.

The Daihansu PS-26 Type Diesel Engine takes pride in its excellent performance and enduring characteristics, as special emphasis has been placed in its simple and sturdy construction, easy operation, compact size, light weight and high output.

Since this engine is designed in accordance with various standards and Rules and Regulations, many of this type of engine have been supplied to the world market, as marine propulsion engines, auxiliary engines and stationary engines. With a proper combinationof the mass-production system and quality-control system empoyed at Daihatsu plant, all component parts are available with full interchangeability and complete stocks at all times.


  • General
  • Consumption of main parts
  • Fuel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water
  • Operation and daily inspection
  • Maintenance
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