DongHwa Vacuum Condenser

DongHwa Vacuum Condenser

DongHwa Vacuum Condenser. Instruction manual

Vacuum condenser is installed after steam turbine to expand the steam to lower pressure, thus more energy in the steam is converted into turbine driving force.
Consequently a higher efficiency of steam cycle is achieved. All condensated water in the Condenser is returned to feed water system.

A Surface Vacuum Condenser basically consists of a welded steel shell and steam chamber, tube bundle and channel / reversing covers which is casted or sreel fabricated.
Aluminium brass and Copper-Nickel tubes are generally used as tube material and Naval brass Copper-Nickel plates are used for tube sheet materials is commercial vessel.

1. General description
2. General arrangement
3. Installation
4. Operation
5. Maintenance
6. Cleaning
7. Tube removal and replacement
8. Maintenance and regular inspection
9. Causes for trouble and inspection

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