DongNam Engine Room Crane

DongNam Engine Room Crane

DongNam Engine Room Crane. Instruction Manual

This Engine Room Crane is installed on the celling of the engine room and is used for overhauling and assembling the main engine. Hoisting, lowering, longitudinal travelling, traversing are performed electrically by means of the push button switch.

Hoisting equipment has the mechanical brake and electro magnetic brake. The mechanical brake is arranged in a box together with the reduction gears. Both of them are related with each other, and reduce the speed of wire drum revolution. The mechanical prevents the motor from excessive running caused by the inertia.

1. Instruction manual
Part 1. General
Part 2. Operating instructions
Part 3. Instructions for disassembling and assembling the main engine by the crane
Part 4. Electro Magnetic Brake and its adjustment
Part 5. Adjustment of limit switch for over hoisting & lowering
Part 6. Lubrication
Part 7. Safety device for over load limitation

2. Specification for E/R crane
3. Drawing list
Part 1. General assembly
Part 2. Hoisting driver
Part 3. Installation of cabtype cable
Part 4. Rack gear for travelling
Part 5. Hook assembly
Part 6. Electric D.W.G

4. Installation & spare part list

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