ALFA LAVAL Fresh Water Generator VSP-36-125CC / SWC

ALFA LAVAL Fresh Water Generator VSP-36-125CC / SWC

ALFA LAVAL Final Drawings with instructional manual for Fresh Water Generator  VSP-36-125CC / VSP-36-125SWC. - 284 p.

The combined brine/air ejector driven by the combined cooling/ejector water pump creates a vacuum in the system to lower the evaporation temperature of the feedwater.
The feedwater is introduced into the evaporator section through an orifice, and is distributed itself into every second plate channel (evaporation channels).

The hot water is distributed itself into the remaining channels, thus transferring its heat to the feedwater in the evaporation channels.
Having reached boiling temperature - which is lower than at atmospheric pressure - the feed water undergoes a partial evaporation, and the mixture of generated vapour and brine enters the separator vessel, where the brine is separated from the vapour and extracted by the combined brine/air ejector.

Safety Instructions and Warnings
System Description
Operating Instructions
Pressure Test
Chemical Dosing of Scale Control Chemicals
Maintenance of Freshwater Pump
Maintenance of Ejector Pump
Spare Parts

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