MAN B&W K90MC-C Guide

MAN B&W K90MC-C Guide

MAN B&W K90MC-C Mk 6 Project Guide. Two-stroke Engines. 4th Edition, 2000. - 279 p.

The engines built by our lisensees are in accordance with MAN B&W drawings and standards. In a few cases, some local standards may be applied; however, all spare parts are interchangeable with MAN B&W designed parts. Some other components can differ from MAN B&W's design because of production facilities or the application of local standard components.

If the following, reference is made to the item numbers scecified in the "Extent of Delivery" (EOD) forms, both for the basic delivery extent and for any options mentioned. 

Engine Design
Engine Layout and Load Diagrams, SFOC
Turbocharger Choice & Exhaust Gas By-pass
Electricity Production
Installation Aspects
Auxiliary Systems
Vibration Aspects
Monitoring Systems and Instrumentation
Dispatch Pattern, Testing, Spares and Tools
Project Support Documentation

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