MAN B&W L60ME-C8-TII Guide

MAN B&W L60ME-C8-TII Guide

MAN B&W L60ME-C8-TII Project Guide. Electronically Controlled Two-Stroke Engines. 1st Edition, April 2010. - 371 p.

The ever valid requirement of ships operators is to obtain the lowest total operational costs, and consumption at any load, and under the prevailing operating conditions. 
However, low-sulphur two-stroke main engines of the MC type, with a chain driven camshaft, have limited flexibility with regard to fuel injection and exhaust valve activation, which are the two most important factors in adjusting the engine to match the prevailing operating conditions.

A system with electronically controlled hydraulic activation provides the required flexibility, and such systems form the core of the ME "Engine Control System", described later in detail in Chapter 16.

Engine Design
Engine Layout and Load Diagrams, SFOC
Turbocharger Selection & Exhaust Gas By-pass
Electricity Production
Installation Aspects
List of Capacities: Pumps, Coolers& Exhaust Gas
Lubricating oil
Cylinder Lubrication
Piston Rod Stuffing Box Drain Oil
Central Cooling Water System
Scavenge Air
Exhaust Gas
Engine Control System
Vibration Aspects
Monitoring Systems and Instrumentation
Dispatch Pattern, Testing, Spares and Tools
Project Support and Documentation

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