MAN B&W L80MC Guide

MAN B&W L80MC Guide

MAN B&W L80MC-C Project Guide. Camshaft Controlled Two-stroke Engines. 4th Edition. September1998. - 240 p.

Whether the freight rates or fall, an attractive payback time for newbuildings starts with low investment cost. Once in operation, the easeand flexibility in assigning engineers to operate the engine plant are together with low consumption rates of fuels, lubes, parts and service among the important functional issues which contribute to the cost benefit. The MAN B&W MC/MC-C engine meets both requirements.

The world market-leading two-stroke MC/MC-C engine programme from MAN Diesel has evolved since the early 1980s to embrece bore sizes from 260 mm to 980 mm for propelling ocean-going ships of all types and sizes. In fact, low-speed two-stroke main engines of the MC/MC-C type have become industry standard in a huge number of ship types. Also land-based applications (power plants mainly) have found the MC/MC-C engine types attractive.

Engine Design
Engine Layout and Load Diagrams, SFOC
Turbocharger Choice & Exhaust Gas By-pass
Electricity Production
Installation Aspects
List of Capacities: Pumps, Coolers & Exhaust Gas
Lubricating Oil
Cylinder Lubrication
Piston Rod Stuffing Box Drain Oil
Central Cooling Water System
Seawater Cooling
Starting and Control Air
Scavenge Air
Exhaust Gas
Engine Control System
Vibration Aspects
Monitoring Systems and Instrumentation
Dispatch Pattern, Testing, Spares and Tools
Project Support and Documentation

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