MAN B&W S50MC-C Guide

MAN B&W S50MC-C Guide

MAN B&W S50MC-C Project Guide. Two-stroke Engines. 5th edition. December 2005. - 316 p.

This project guide is intended to provide the information necessary for the layout of a marine propulsion plant.
The information is to be considered as preliminary and is intended for the project stage only. It provides the general technical data available at he date of issue.
It should be noted that all figures, values, measurements or information about performance stated in this project guide are for guidance only and shall not be used for detailed design purposes or as a substitute for specific drawings and instructions prepared for such purposes.

The final and binding and outlines are to be supplied by our licensee, the engine maker, see Chapter 10 of this Project Guide.
In order to facilitate negotiations between the yard, the engine maker and the final user, a set of "Extent of Delivery" forms is available in which the basic and the optional executions are specified.


  • Engine Design
  • Engine Layout and Load Diagrams, SFOC
  • Turbocharger Choice and Exhaust Gas By-pass
  • Electricity Production
  • Installation Aspects
  • Auxiliary Systems
  • Vibration Aspects
  • Monitoring Systems and Instrumentation
  • Dispatch Pttern, Testing, Spares and Tools
  • Project Support and Documentation
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