SPERRE Air Compressor HV2/210

SPERRE Air Compressor HV2/210

SPERRE Air Compressor HV2/210. Water-cooled compressor. Instruction manual. April 2002

The purpose of this handbook is to describe the design and function of the compressor and to provide basic instructions for inspection and maintenance of the equipment. To ensure proper installation, operation and maintenance from the very begining, it is essential that the operator should read this handbook with care and attention.

The maintenance intervals and certain technical details given in this handbook ate mean values based on experience. These values may vary depending upon the operating conditions of the individual compressor.
The manufacturer disclaims liability for damage due to unskilled operation or improper maintenance of the equipment.
Keep the compressor in good mechanical order, and remember that proper preventive maintenance of the equipment will will reduce the risk of damage and unnecessary shutdowns.

1. Ordering replacement parts
2. Description of compressor
3. Installation and operation
4. Fault tracing
5. Inspection and maintenance
6. Technical data
7. Replacement parts list
8. Illustrations
9. Illustrations for replacement parts list

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