YANMAR Diesel Engine 6N21(A)L-V series

YANMAR Diesel Engine 6N21(A)L-V series

YANMAR Diesel Engine 6N21(A)L-V series. Marine Auxiliary Engines. Operational manual. - 123 p.

The 6N21(A)L Series is a line of engines mainly applied as a marine auxiliary engine and/or as a land-use / industrial engine.
The engine has been developed to aim at betterment of the environment such as easing the engine maintenance, improvement of safety and trying to save labor as well as securing a high reliability of being as a low-quality heavy fuel oil burning in addition to reducing vibration and noise and improving NOx in exhaust gas.



  • Foreword
  • Terms & Symbol Marks
  • Precautions on Safety
  • List of Safety Labels
  • Lifting Procedure for Engine

1. Engine Description
2. Structure of Major Parts
3. Table of Engine Standard Adjustments
4. Operation
5. Fuel oil, Lub. oil & Cooling Water
6. Maintenance Checking
7. Maintenance Servicing
8. Principal Dimensions & Part Mass for Disassembly & Servicing
9. Table of Tightening Torques of Major bolts
10. Clearances & Wear Limits of Major Parts
11. Troubleshooting & Countermeasures

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