Tomas D. Andres Understanding the Filipino Seaman

Tomas D. Andres Understanding the Filipino Seaman

Tomas D. Andres Understanding the Filipino Seaman: his values, attitudes and behavior. - Manila. - 32 p.

Extending positive understanding towards people is a central part of the professional role of every Master and officer. Whether you are in charge of the engineering crew or of the deck crew, getting to know and understand the people you're dealing with is a necessity for success!
Masters and officers cannot operate in a vaccum.

You have to know how to convice and inspire, cooperate and communicate with vour people to be successful. Aboard a multinational crewed vessels ship you have to get people to trust and understand each other in spite of considerable barriers, erected by differences in language, values, ethics, attitudes, traditions, customs, and ways of thinking.
This book is a concise study of Filipino values, etiquette, mores, customs and manners which show the differences as well as similarities in behavioral expectations that arise when Masters and officers come to live and work with Filipinos. This book has two intended uses. It is a tool for intercultural relations training aboard ship that, hopefully, will provide a wealth of data for Masters and officers who wish to relate effectively with Filipinos. It is hoped that this book will also be used informally by individuals going to work with Filipinos who will be unable to attend intercultural relations training.
Coming to terms with people of other cultures can be difficult. Time-consuming, too, and very expensive if one fails to build up the necessary confidence. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with Filipinos! It's a wise investment that soon pays off.


1. Understanding the culture, personality traits and characteristics of Filipino seaman
2. The importance of religion to Filipinos
3. Dietary requirements
4. Understanding the Filipino male environment, attitudes to drink/drug usage and social habits
5. How to make the Filipino tick and click
6. Communicating efectively with Filipinos
7. How to motivate and bring out the best in the Filipino
8. How to negotiate and handle conflicts with Filipinos
9. Do's and don'ts with Filipinos

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