Course of Refrigerating engineering

Course of Refrigerating engineering

Course of Refrigerating engineering. ROVC Industrial Education. - 482 p.

In any field of study, there is no shortcut to learning. A person is also not a vessel into which, in a manner of speaking, knowledge can be poured. ROVC takes this a step further. Its option is that it cannot teach anything to any to any student - including you. It can only offer knowledge. You will have to do the learning youself. You want to get insight into a certain field of study and to be able to apply it. What ROVC can do for you is to support you as much as possible and to help you acquire knowledge as easily as possible.

ROVC is oriented toward making your learning process proceed as effectively as possible. The teacher, the quizzes, the friendly atmosphere and especially this textbook are directed toward this end. This book has been complied in a special way. It is different fom almost all other coursebooks and textbooks. This has been done solely to make your your learning process quicker, easier and more thorough.

1. The principle of refrigeration and the basic theory
2. Refrigerants (Cooling media)
3. Basic Systems
4. The condenser
5. The evaporator
6. Compressors and pumps
7. Peripheral equipment and venting
8. Control and protective devices
9. Installation technology, soldering and evacuation
10. Various refrigerating and freezing plant
11. Operation, maintenance, malfunctions and logbook
12. Introduction to air conditioning
13. Safety and safety regulations
14. Introduction to electrical installation on refrigerating plant

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