Eyres D.J. Ship Construction

Eyres D.J. Ship Construction

Eyres D.J. Ship Construction. 6th edition. - 377 p.

This text is primarily aimed at students of marine sciences and technology, in particular those following BTEC National and Higher National programmes in preparation for careers at sea and in marine related industries. The subject matter is presented in sufficient depth to be of help to more advanced students on undergraduate programmes in Marine Technology and Naval Architecture, as well as those preparing for the Extra Master examination. Students following professional courses in shipbuilding will also find book useful as background reading.

Considerable changes have occured in shipbuilding practice with the introduction of new technology and this book attempts to present modern shipyard techniques without neglecting basic principles. Shipbuilding covers a wide field of crafts and, with new developments occuring regularly, it would be difficult to cover every facet fully within the scope of the average textbook. 

Part 1. Introduction to Shipbuilding
Part 2. Materials and Strength of Ships
Part 3. Welding and Cutting
Part 4. Shipyard Practice
Part 5. Ship Structure
Part 6. Outfit
Part 7. International Regulations

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