Cylinder lubrication

MAN B&W Alpha Lubricator System. Cylinder lubrication

The main purpose of Cylinder lubrication is to keep the liner walls and the piston rings lubricated at all times during engine operation.
Proper lubrication will reduce cylinder wear and ensure proper gas-tight sealing of the clearance between piston rings and cylinder liner wall.

Large-scale testing programmes of the Alpha Lubricator System (on engines in operation) have proved that considerable saving for the engine owners can be achieved in respect to:

  1. savings on cylinder oil
  2. reduced particle emissions
  3. reduced combustion chamber wear.

The cylinder oil amount is controlled according to the amount of sulphur entering the cylinder with the fuel. Two criteria determine the control:

  1. the cylinder oil dosage shall be proportional to the sulphur percentage in the fuel:
  2. the cylinder oil dosage shall be proportional to the engine load i.e. the amount of fuel entering the cylinders.

Implementation of the above two criteria leads to an optimal cylinder oil dosage.

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