Start up of Alpha Lubricator System (engine not running)

MAN B&W Alpha Lubricator System. Start up of Alpha Lubricator System (engine not running)

  1. To fill the pump station with cylinder oil, open the valves for the cylinder oil supply line and the venting cock (if installed). Close the venting cock when cylinder oil flows out into the venting line.
  2. Switch on the main switches on the pump station starter panels.
  3. Switch to “Local” and manually start pump 1 and subsequently pump 2.
    Check that both pumps can run simultaneously.
  • Check that the pressure differential indicator on the pump station filter is green, when one pump is operating.
  • Check that the oil pressure builds up to 40-50 bar, or carry out adjustment on the pressure control valve on top of the pump station.
    Check that the pressure remains at an acceptable level, also with two pumps running.
  • Press (ESC) and (PRELUB) at the same time on the HMI panel to activate the test sequence, and check that all lubricators are operating correctly by watching the LEDs (feedback signals) on the intermediate boxes for each lubricator.
    Stop the test sequence by pressing (PRELUB) again.
    At commissioning or after overhaul of the system, check visually from the scavenge air receiver that all non-return valves inject cylinder oil into cylinder liners.
  • Stop the pumps manually, and switch to “Remote” on the starter panels.
    the Alpha Lubricator System is now ready for normal operation.
  • For engineers commissioning the Alpha Lubrication System, procedures are made for Testbed Commissioning and Dock Trial Commissioning. The procedures are shown in the Commissioning chapter.
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