Significant advantages

MAN B&W Auxiliary Propulsion System. Significant advantages

The Auxiliary Propulsion System with Alpha Clutcher means:

  1. cost-efficient propulsion redundancy
  2. simple, reliable and proven technology
  3. safe operation and quick change of propulsion mode
  4. full integration with the CP Propeller system
  5. easy handling and installation at shipyards
  6. no separate thrust transmitting foundation required
  7. no static hydraulic or electric power consumption
  8. maintenance free
  9. no practical wear
  10. free of back-lash

For a very wide range of typical product tankers, gas tankers and chemical tankers the off-hire risk scenario alone will justify the investment in the Alpha Clutcher system- even without adding the value of all the positive side-effects like, for instance reduced tug related harbour fees and increased main engine maintainability.

The Scientific Angle
Extensive studies, recently performed by Prof DR C M Gallin, Gallin Marine Consultants show a clear capital advantage of a single-screw two-stroke propulsion plant with the Alpha Clutcher Auxiliary Propulsion System – compared to a similar two-stroke propulsion system without propulsion redundancy on the one hand, and a corresponding twin-screw twin-engine two-stroke propulsion system on the other.
This scientific study was based on all costs in the fields of Safety, Environment and Business related to the cumulative risk for the service life of a product tanker with the above three propulsion plant options.
The cumulative risk is calculated from statistical ‘real life’ figures, based on accidents and consequences due to main engine failures, selected and evaluated from the casualty bank of Lloyd’s Register in London. The costs evaluated are for instance: value of ship and cargo, repair costs, loss of hire due to repair time, loss of hire due to towing time and the towing costs.

“The 5th Product” – excellent project service
Propulsion know-how, customization, system integration and service is at your disposal comprising:

  • lay-out of engine, tunnel gear, propeller, piping system etc
  • optimizing of propulsion modes
  • selection of the gear ratios for the tunnel gear
  • alignment analysis and instructions
  • strength and vibration calculation drawings
  • instruction books
  • dimension sketches on disks
  • project guides
  • investment/pay back time calculations
  • operation and maintenance costs
  • and much more due to a strong and flexible toolbox available for such project services.
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