Emergency Operation Featured

In case of very unavoidable emergency situation such as the last solution, the engine may be operated with abnormal condition as follows with some restrictions to minimize hazard to engine

1. Overload Operation

1) Marine Genset

The engine can be operated with maximum up to 110% load on condition that a duration for maximum one hour per 12 hours. However, even in this intermittent overload running case, following restrictions should be noted.

  • Do not adjust mechanical load limiter or change all settings for normal operation.
  • All the operating data should be within normal operating range.
  • Operator should be always check overload running condition and ready to reduce the load immediately, if any abnormality detected.

2) Stationary Genset

Over load > 100% may only be run for a short time to compensate for a frequency drop when a load is applied (Blocking of the output for engine, driving generator, at 110% of the rated output).

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