Engine Starting Failure

1. Engine is not under ‘START READY’ condition

  • Check whether starting tried after ‘START READY’ lamp ‘ON’.
  • Prepare for starting and reset.
  • Check function of control system and governor.

2. Flywheel does not rotate.

  • No starting air noise from air motor when pressing ‘START’ button.
  • Check valves for starting air supply line opened.
  • Check function of solenoid valves on air motor.
  • Starting air motor does not rotate.
  • Check function of solenoid valves on air motor.
  • Starting air motor rotate.
  • Check pinion gear and ring gear
  • Try starting again, if pinion gear engaging failed.
  • Replace the gear, if broken.
  • Check moving parts of engine inside
  • Repair if bearing or piston seized.

3. Flywheel rotate, but too slowly

  • Check oil temperature. (Too high viscosity)
  • Warm up the engine, if too low.
  • Check starting air pressure and leakage.
  • Charge air, if too low
  • Repair, if leaked.
  • Check engine under load.
  • Release the load, if loaded. 

4. No firing of cylinders.

  • Check fuel oil circulating.
  • Charge fuel tank, if empty.
  • Clean or replace fuel oil filter element, if clogged
  • Check if first starting after maintenance. (Incomplete air venting of fuel injection pump)
  • Release starting fuel limiter and start again manually.
  • Check movement of fuel rack, control shaft and governor lever.
  • Press ‘Reset’ button, if fuel rack blocked by stop signal.
  • Lubricate linkages, if stiff.
  • Adjust the levers, if distorted.
  • Check if fuel oil drained too much.
  • Tightening of fuel high pressure block, if loosened.
  • Check fuel injection valve by tester. (Opening pressure and Spray pattern)
  • Adjust valve opening pressure, if changed.
  • Clean nozzle, if clogged by heavy fuel oil.
  • Replace, if needle sticked.
  • Check fuel injection pump.
  • Replace, if sticked or worn excessively.
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