Sulzer RT-flex system

Sulzer RT-flex. Sulzer RT-flex system

Sulzer RT-flex engines are essentially standard Sulzer RTA low-speed two-stroke marine diesel engines except that, instead of the usual camshaft and its gear drive, fuel injection pumps, exhaust valve actuator pumps, reversing servomotors, and all their related mechanical control gear, they are equipped with a common-rail system for fuel injection and exhaust valve actuation, and full electronic control of engine functions.
There are four elements in the Sulzer RT-flex common-rail system: the rail unit along the side of the cylinders, the supply unit on the side of the engine, a filter unit for the servo oil, and integrated electronic control system, including the crank angle sensor.

Fig 2. Schematic of the common-rail systems in Sulzer RT-flex engines
The RT-flex engines are thus equipped with common-rail systems for:

  • heated fuel oil at pressures up to 1000 bar,
  • servo oil at pressures up to 200 bar,
  • control oil at a constant pressure of 200 bar,
  • engine starting air system.
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