Control oil

Sulzer RT-flex. Control oil

Control oil is supplied at a constant 200 bar pressure at all engine speeds by two electrically-driven oil pumps, one active and the other on standby. Each pump has its own pressure-regulating valve and safety valve attached.
The control oil system involves only a small flow quantity of the fine filtered oil. The control oil serves as the working medium for all rail valves of the injection control units (ICU). The working pressure of the control oil is maintained constant to ensure precise timing in the ICU. It is also used to prime the servo oil rail at standstill thereby enabling a rapid starting of the engine.

Fig 5. Three-dimensional drawing of the inside of a rail unit for an RT-flex96C engine, showing the fuel rail (A), the control unit (B) and the servo oil rail (C) with the control units for injection (D) and exhaust valve actuation (E) on top of their respective valve. Other manifold pipes are provided for oil return, fuel leakage return, and the system oil supply for the exhaust valve drives.

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