Operation and maintenance

Sulzer RT-flex. Operation and maintenance

Sulzer RT-flex engines are designed to be user friendly, without requiring ships’ engineers to have any special additional skills. Indeed the knowledge for operating and maintenance of RT-flex engines can be given in the same form as Wartsila usual one-week courses for Sulzer RTA-series engines given to ships’ engineers and owners’ and operators’ shore staff. The training time usually given to the camshaft system, fuel pumps, valve actuating pumps and reversing servomotors is simply given instead to the RT-flex common-rail system.

It has been seen from shipboard operation of the RT-flex engines that the ships’ engineers quickly become comfortable operating the engines.

Key features of the Sulzer RT-flex system

The key features of the Sulzer common-rail system can be summarized as:

  1. Precise volumetric control of fuel injection, with integrated flow-out security
  2. Variable injection rate shaping and variable injection pressure
  3. Possibility for independent action and shutting off of individual fuel injection valves
  4. Ideally suited for heavy fuel oil
  5. Well-proven standard fuel injection valves
  6. Proven, high-efficiency common-rail pumps
  7. Lower levels of vibration and internal forces and moments
  8. Steady operation at very low running speeds
  9. Smokeless operation at all speeds.
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