Benefits from the Sulzer RT-flex system

Sulzer RT-flex. Benefits from the Sulzer RT-flex system

At its heart, the Sulzer RT-flex engine is the same reliable, basic engine as the existing Sulzer RTA engine series. The power ranges, speeds, layout fields and full-power fuel consumptions are the same for both engine versions.
For shipowners, the principal benefits of Sulzer RT-flex engines with their electronically-controlled common rail systems are:

  1. reduced part-load fuel consumption
  2. smokeless operation at all running speeds
  3. very low, stable running speeds at about ten per cent nominal speed
  4. easy engine setting for less maintenance
  5. longer times between overhauls expected, primarily through better load balance between cylinders and cleaner combustion at all loads.

Comments below are made on just the first three of the above points at these are the ones which have so far been definitely quantified.

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